Weekly U.S. news round-up

Executive Order 13422, which is to take effect July 24, requires federal officials to show that companies, people or institutions failed to address a problem before agencies can write regulations to tackle it. It also gives political appointees greater authority over how the regulations are written.” (White House, Detroit Free Press and Keith Olbermann via YouTube)

“Bush’s order:

• Requires agencies to identify what it calls “market failures,” in which the private sector fell short in dealing with a problem, as a factor in proposing a rule. The White House regulatory affairs office is given authority to assess those conclusions.

• Says that no rulemaking can go forward without the approval of an agency’s regulatory policy office to be headed by a presidential appointee.

• Directs each agency to provide an estimate of costs and benefits of regulations.

• Requires agencies to inform the White House regulatory affairs office of proposed significant documents on complying with rules.”


Suicide shows squalid living conditions in Texas prisons (Houston Chronicle)

Behold! The for-profit prison industry – what’s the difference between this and slavery?


After reporting in Iraq, America feels like a bizarre Disneyland – Dahr Jamail (Alternet)


Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab failed to analyze evidence in over 16,000 cases (Boston Globe)


Rovian Justice in the Banana Republic of Alabama (CorrenteWire)


Rachel Corries’ family asks court to reinstate case against Caterpillar (Int’l Herald Tribune, UK & NNDB)


The White House has a manual for silencing protestors and demonstrations (Alternet)


Purdue Pharma L.P., the maker of OxyContin, and three of its executives were ordered Friday to pay a $634.5 million fine for misleading the public about the painkiller’s risk of addiction. (Yahoo)


Lawsuit against Snapple says it is not “all natural” or “made from the best stuff on Earth” (NJ Star-Ledger)


Secret Service dogs staying in $200/night hotel rooms. (BBC)

EXCERPT: “Reports say the dogs hold military ranks including sergeant major, first, second, third and fourth lieutenant. “We were told to be careful while addressing the animals and not call them dogs,” the Asian Age newspaper quoted a staff member of the Sheraton hotel as saying. “We have been instructed to address them as per their ranks.”


Border fence actually built on Mexico’s land; could cost $3 Billion to fix (Cnews, Canada)


FDA trying its’ best to kill the vitamin and supplement industry (News With Views)


Denver police kill middle-aged real estate agent with a taser (Denver Post)


Jon Lovitz does something funny for a change and beats Andy Dick (Socialite Life)

Profile on one of the scumbag lawyers who has sucked $47 Million out of the 9/11 victim’s compensation fund (NYPost)


Leaked internal memo: Sicko has Blue Cross execs scrambling to respond

(Michael Moore)


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