Good News of the Week


Crowd fights back against police brutality (YouTube)

Prudential Equity Group is shutting down; fined $600 Million last year for defrauding mutual funds over ten years (Chicago Sun-Times)

Purdue Pharma L.P., the maker of OxyContin, and three of its executives were ordered Friday to pay a $634.5 million fine for misleading the public about the painkiller’s risk of addiction. (Yahoo)

Conrad Black convicted of fraud (BBC)

The Fall of Conrad Black (BBC)

California Judge to rule county must rehold election after Diebold touch-screen election records destroyed by county officials (BradBlog)

Leahy, Specter to introduce habeas corpus legislation (ThinkProgress)

Daley’s Chicago testing out rubber sidewalks, solar bus shelters (NBC5)

Starbucks kicked out of China’s Forbidden City (Houston Chronicle)

Sole survivor sitting on $5 Billion fortune, but he values the land more (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

EXCERPT: “Jeffrey Lee is not interested in the soaring price of uranium, which could make him one of the world’s richest men. “This is my country. Look, it’s beautiful and I fear somebody will disturb it,” he says, waving his arm across a view of rocky land surrounded by Kakadu National Park, where the French energy giant Areva wants to extract 14,000 tonnes of uranium worth more than $5 billion. Mr Lee, the shy 36-year-old sole member of the Djok clan and the senior custodian of the Koongarra uranium deposit, has decided never to allow the ecologically sensitive land to be mined.”


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