U.S. and International economic news


US banking system faces imminent collapse (UK Financial Times via WakeUpFromYourSlumber blog)


Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? City and state governments selling off taxpayer funded roads and other infrastructure to private companies at an alarming rate. (MParent blog)


Roads to Riches: why investors are clamoring to take over America’s highways, bridges and airports, and why the public should be nervous (Business Week)


Music industry clamping down on coffeehouses with live music! (Florida Today)


The Crashing U.S. Economy Held Hostage: Our Economy is on an Artificial Life Support System (GlobalResearch.ca)


World food shortage pushing interest rates up (Bracewell.LiveJournal.com)


Displacing Farmers: India will have 400 Million agricultural refugees (GlobalResearch.ca)


Dollar reaches new lows against the Euro (CNN)

Argentina and Brazil, South America ’s two largest economies, are dropping the US dollar in October (Novosti)


Iran asks Japan to pay in yen, not US Dollars, effective immediately (Bloomberg)

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[…] 7/15/07: US and International Economic News […]


[…] 7/15/07: US and International Economic News […]

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