For your distraction: random, interesting links
July 14, 2007, 3:35 pm
Filed under: interesting, random

The Universe will destroy evidence of its’ origin (ArsTechnica)

The Record Industry’s Decline: How it all went wrong – part 1 of 2 (Rolling Stone)

Ever made a mistake hitting “reply all”? You’re not alone: the worst reply-all blunders (Sky, UK)

What’s going on with the moon? “Transient lunar phenomena”? (New Scientist)

In-car DVD players can kill a child in a crash at just 18mph (ThisIsLondon.co.uk)

New discoveries in RNA are fueling a paradigm shift for geneticists (Economist)

Hack an elevator, go straight to your floor (TGISFW) 

Chill a beer or soda in 2 minutes (TGISFW)

Rare, soft-shelled turtle found (Discovery)

H.R. Pufnstufvideo and blog

Musical Traditions: the magazine for traditional music throughout the world

Atlas of the Universe

Money-gami (art.commongate.com)

Shel Silverstein made his mark as a Playboy cartoonist, and may be best known for his children’s poetry. I remember discovering his songwriting and albums in college; did you know he wrote “A Boy Named Sue”? (MoreThings.com and MP3.com)

PANArt hang drum


Pretty cool


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