RIP Ladybird Johnson, your mission lives on

R.I.P. Ladybird Johnson (ABC, White House, and National Wildflower Research Center)

On her 70th birthday in 1982, Mrs. Johnson founded the National Wildflower Research Center, a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the preservation and re-establishment of native plants in natural and planned landscapes. She donated funding and 60 acres of land in Austin to establish the organization. In December 1997, the property was renamed the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in honor of Mrs. Johnson’s 85th birthday. In 2006, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center became a part of The University of Texas at Austin, guaranteeing its permanent place in the national landscape—and ensuring that Lady Bird Johnson’s name will live on in the hearts of Americans.

Displacing Farmers: India will have 400 Million agricultural refugees (Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

Yurtsnot just for hippies anymore (BuzzFeed and TreeHugger) 

NASA’s World Wind

Global warming could fuel war (Yahoo)

Green is the New Yellow (Slate)

EXCERPT: “Yellow journalism now comes in a new color: green. Often as sensationalistic as its yellow predecessor, green journalism tends to appeal to our emotions, exploit our fears, and pander to our vanity. It places a political agenda in front of the quest for journalistic truth and in its most demagogic forms tolerates no criticism, branding all who question it as enemies of the people.”

Resource Wars – can we survive them? (Mathaba.net) 

More on Algae to Biodiesel (Yahoo)

A peak oil article from Royal Dutch Shell

Lowest food supplies in 50-100 years (Rense)

EXCERPT: “The USDA projects global grain supplies will drop to their lowest levels on record. Further, it is likely that, outside of wartime, global grain supplies have not been this low in a century, perhaps longer,” said NFU Director of Research Darrin Qualman.

Most important, 2007/08 will mark the seventh year out of the past eight in which global grain production has fallen short of demand. This consistent shortfall has cut supplies in half-down from a 115-day supply in 1999/00 to the current level of 53 days. “The world is consistently failing to produce as much grain as it uses,” said Qualman.”

Thomas Edison: Off the Grid and Solar (Treehugger)

“In 1931 he told Henry Ford: “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

World food shortage pushing interest rates up (Bracewell.LiveJournal.com) 

Agent Orange group brings its case to the US (Agence France Presse via Raw Story)

EXCERPT: “…US forces sprayed up to 80 million litres (21 million US gallons) [of Agent Orange] over southern Vietnam between 1961 and 1971…Their case against the companies, including giants Dow Chemical and Monsanto, was thrown out in 2005, but on June 18 the plaintiffs will launch their appeal at a federal court in New York.

Vietnam says around 4.8 million Vietnamese have been exposed to dioxin with more than three million people eventually becoming victims of Agent Orange… The association has the support of veterans’ groups from the United States, Australia, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand, some of whom have already won legal victories or been compensated in out-of-court settlements… US war veterans have received 180 million dollars in a settlement with chemical companies, and last year a South Korean court ordered Dow Chemical and Mosanto to compensate 6,800 South Korean victims.

UPDATE: Nguyen Van Quy, 52, witness for the case, passed away on July 9, 2007 from stomach and liver cancer. (VietnamNews)

I haven’t found news on what happened with the appeal. 

Micronesian Islands face rising seas (Yahoo)

EXCERPT: “The 10,000 people of Tuvalu are negotiating to move to New Zealand. Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, has lost two small islands to the ocean and is facing the possibility that their 100,000 people, too, will have to find another homeland. There is less sand and the trees are falling into the ocean.”


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