International News

World food shortage pushing interest rates up (Bracewell.LiveJournal.com)

Israel is preparing to fight a 5 sided war – are you ready? (WorldTribune.com)

Russia and China sign $4 billion trade deal (Yahoo)

Evidence of vote rigging: Scotland to remain corrupt Britannia’s colony? (GlobalResearch.ca)

Iran says it won’t rule out using oil as a weapon (Reuters)

Video evidence: Israeli forces shoot indiscriminately at Palestinian women and children (Center for Research on Globalization)

Displacing Farmers: India will have 400 Million agricultural refugees (Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

US Intelligence Abuses: the next generations’ “family jewels”? (Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

New documents link Kissinger to coups in Cyprus and Chile (Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

The Battle for Bolivia’s Future (GlobalResearch.ca)

Massacres and Paramilitary Land Seizures in Columbia (GlobalResearch.ca)

Poorest nations fail to benefit from globalization (Yahoo)

Prisons of the World (Deputy-Dog blog) 

UK Army food cheaper than dog food, prisoner food, or a schoolkid’s lunch (Daily Mail, UK)

UK troops receiving “trigger happy drug” capable of keeping them awake over 60 hours (Scotsman) 

50,000 Years of Resilience May Not Save This Tribe (Washington Post)

EXCERPT: “One of the last remaining tribes of hunter-gatherers on the planet is on the verge of vanishing into the modern world. The transition has been long underway, but members of the dwindling Hadzabe tribe, who now number fewer than 1,500, say it is being unduly hastened by a United Arab Emirates royal family, which plans to use the tribal hunting land as a personal safari playground…While they have through 50,000 years survived the coming of agriculture, metal, guns, diseases, missionaries, poachers, anthropologists, students, gawking journalists, corrugated steel houses and encroaching pastoral tribes who often impersonate them for tourist money, the resilient Hadzabe, who still make fire with sticks, fear that the safari deal will be their undoing. “If they are going to come here, we definitely will all perish,” said Kaunda, a Hadzabe man who prefers khakis but still hunts with hand-hewn poison arrows. “Our history will die, and the Hadzabe will be swept off the face of the world. We are very much afraid.”

“Torture flights” still landing in the UK (Aftermath News blog)

The Israeli Police State (Electronic Intifada)


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