Fascism on the move

Bush’s Tyrannical Actions in Historical Context (CounterBias via Mathaba.net)

The use of armed forces in America under a national emergency: unrestricted and arbitrary powers conferred to president and vice president (GlobalResearch.ca)

The Interrogation Documents: Debating US policy and Methods (George Washington University)

I love the handwritten note from Rumsfeld (“I stand 8-10 hours a day, why is standing limited to 4 hours?”).

Contractors make up over 50% of the CIA’s workforce (TIME)

The Police State Roadmap, published 2004, now available online

Bush lays the groundwork for a backdoor draft (RogueGovernment.com)

Independence Day Hypocrisy (GlobalResearch.ca)

The Worldwide Network of U.S. Military Bases: The Global Deployment of U.S. Personnel (GlobalResearch.ca)

Imperialism and Fascism on the Rise in the U.S. (GlobalResearch.ca)

A nice starter article, beginning with definitions of imperialism, fascism, totalitarianism, and democracy

U.S assassinating Iraqi peace workers (Marc Parent blog)

EXCERPT: At 3 a.m. on the 4th of July, U.S. military forces and Iraqi national guards opened fire with a barrage of bullets and grenades on the Baghdad home of Abdel-Hussein Saddam. The severely wounded Abdel-Hussein was taken away and his 18-year-old daughter was left alone, injured and bleeding on the floor.  Abdel-Hussein’s beaten body turned up at the Yarmouk Hospital morgue on July 6. The murder of Abdel-Hussein was the most devastating of four attacks by the U.S. military on the Iraq Freedom Congress in the past 10 months. The IFC is an organization comprised primarily of trade unionists, community leaders, and women’s and children’s rights workers who are determined to look after their own. IFC’s goals are to salvage the lives of as many Iraqis as possible, and to end the occupation and sectarian fighting. Its slogan: “No Shiite… No Sunni… Ours is Human Identity.”


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