Random interesting links from “the Internets”
July 8, 2007, 6:45 pm
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This guy plays the flute while beatboxing popular tunes like Sesame Street and the Super Mario Brothers theme song  (YouTube)

Top 10 dead or dying computer skills (ComputerWorld)

Pictures of Chippewa Lake Amusement Park (Forgotten Ohio)

EXCERPT: “Hidden on a lakeshore in Medina County is one of the state’s most unique forgotten treasures: the abandoned amusement park called Chippewa Lake. What you’ll find there today is the tragic shell of a once-glorious family fun park, one with a history going back to the 1840s. The crying shame is that it’s been reduced to an inadequately-fenced-off stretch of acres, overgrown with every imaginable form of vegetation native to this state and festooned with faded NO TRESPASSING signs. Don’t let those signs throw you, though; getting past the fences and into this astonishing ruin is about as easy as following a path through some sparse woods.”

Uncle Sam’s Photos – a huge collection of public domain photos. More at old-picture.com, familyoldphotos.com, and oldukphotos.com

Survivalism meets counterculture in riveting documentary on the Taos Mesa residents (Reason Magazine)

Science Cartoons

SciTalks – Smart People on Cool Topics

World Beard Championships

More experiments with candy and soda

The Power of Naps (Men’s Journal)

Six Billion Others : An incredible project of collected testimonials from across the world

Institute for War and Peace Reporting 

Strategic non-violent struggle: a training manual pdf file (Steiner Graphics)


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