Biodiesel and Ethanol Fuel Genocide

I’ve been suspicious of the growing ethanol and biodiesel fad for five years, when I started driving a vehicle powered by straight vegetable oil and researched many alternative fuel sources. Whenever government and industry are pushing an idea, I immediately assume it benefits them in some way. And of course, it does … here’s some links:

Ethanol not only diverts a potential food source, but is not as green as ‘industry’ would like you to believe (Cybercast News Service)

Over 60% of existing biorefineries are violating multiple environmental regulations. You have to follow the energy, and ask fundamental questions like ‘Who benefits’?

A new regulation will allow ethanol refineries to produce 150% more pollution than they currently do (Cybercast News Service)

The Great Corn Con (Center for Research on Globalization)

Biofuels: Five Myths of the Agro-fuels Transition (Center for Research on Globalization)

Massacres and Paramilitary Land Seizures Behind the Biofuel Revolution (CommonDreams.org)

Producing ethanol and biodiesel from corn and other crops is not energy efficient (Cornell University)

Algae Power: another biomass fuel alternative (GreenFuelOnline)

I’ve heard about this for a few years, but don’t know enough about it to say much except, as always, follow the energy.



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