And now for something completely different…
June 30, 2007, 10:57 am
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Women in Art … literally. Very cool! (YouTube)

iPods can cause pacemakers to malfunction (DailyTech.com)

15 reasons Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor ever (Mental Floss)

World’s 10 largest databases (FrostFirePulse blog)

University of Nevada scientist creates sheep that’s 15% human (Daily Mail, UK)

Strategic non-violent struggle: a training manualpdf file (Steiner Graphics)

The Bane of my Existence – stereotypes can be amusing (Chowderhead Bazoo blog)

AT&T quietly introduces $10 p/mo DSL plan as part of merger concessions (AP via Austin American-Statesman)

Top 10 tallest monuments in the world (Archibase)

A Gaming Intervention – Parents tell their son no more World of Warcraft (Break.com-video)

Famous Last Words (Sanftleben blog)

Films that made (no) history (Filmschatten blog)

100 best reviewed sci-fi movies (Rotten Tomatoes)

Philosphy of History and History of Philosophy (Friesian.com)


Institute for War and Peace Reporting

World’s Fastest Sofa: 92 mph

JibJab animation: What We Call the News

How to swear in any language (youswear.com)


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