Tracking the Fascists

Bush claims oversight exemption (LA Times)

EXCERPT: The White House said Friday that, like Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, President Bush’s office is not allowing an independent federal watchdog to oversee its handling of classified national security information….An executive order that Bush issued in March 2003 — amending an existing order — requires all government agencies that are part of the executive branch to submit to oversight. Although it doesn’t specifically say so, Bush’s order was not meant to apply to the vice president’s office or the president’s office, a White House spokesman said….The issue flared Thursday when Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles) criticized Cheney for refusing to file annual reports with the federal National Archives and Records Administration, for refusing to spell out how his office handles classified documents, and for refusing to submit to an inspection by the archives’ Information Security Oversight Office.

Whistleblower alleges Halliburton is cooking their books (MParent blog)

Are you surprised? Those in power are so blatant in their corruption, do you think they’ll stop voluntarily? I’d love to discuss this with someone who think they will, but I think it’s much more important to discuss this with people who know they won’t.

Army Officer: “Guantanamo hearings are flawed

EXCERPT: “An Army officer with a key role in the U.S. military hearings at Guantanamo Bay says they relied on vague and incomplete intelligence and were pressured to declare detainees “enemy combatants,” often without any specific evidence…Abraham said he first raised his concerns when he was on active duty with the Defense Department agency in charge of the tribunal process from September 2004 to March 2005 and felt the issues were not adequately addressed. He said he decided his only recourse was to submit the affidavit.”

CIA set to air decades of ‘dirty laundry (MSNBC)

EXCERPT: “The CIA will declassify hundreds of pages of long-secret records detailing some of the intelligence agency’s worst illegal abuses — the so-called “family jewels” documenting a quarter-century of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying, kidnapping and infiltration of leftist groups from the 1950s to the 1970s, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said yesterday….The documents, to be publicly released next week, also include accounts of break-ins and theft, the agency’s opening of private mail to and from China and the Soviet Union, wiretaps and surveillance of journalists, and a series of “unwitting” tests on U.S. civilians, including the use of drugs…”Most of it is unflattering, but it is CIA‘s history,” Hayden said in a speech to a conference of foreign policy historians. The documents have been sought for decades by historians, journalists and conspiracy theorists and have been the subject of many fruitless Freedom of Information Act requests.”

Not everything we’ve done has been illegal”: Bush official (MParent blog)

Bush authorizes new covert action against Iran

Mission Accomplished : By the Numbers (Think Progress)

The Party of Brownshirts, by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan (via Vdare.com)

Pentagon created phony Iraq/Al Qaeda links (Scoop, New Zealand)

EXCERPT: “Newly released documents confirm that a Pentagon unit knowingly cooked up intelligence claiming a direct link between Iraq and al-Qaeda in order to win support for a preemptive strike against the country. A report prepared by the Defense Department’s Inspector General for Carl Levin, the Democratic Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, explicitly shows how former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith used his defense department position to cook intelligence claiming a connection between the terrorist organization and Saddam Hussein’s regime.”

Pentagon’s Number Two suggests “terror war” will end in October 2008 (Washington Post)

Iraq: worse than you can imagine (WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

[Not Satire] The case for bombing Iran: I hope and pray President Bush will do it (Wall Street Journal)

Turkey formally asked the US on May 29th to please stop violating the airspace of their sovereign nation. (MSNBC)

Good luck with that…

Targeted killings by the U.S. government (Public Integrity)

EXCERPT: In early 2006, citing American officials familiar with the U.S. program of drone-based assassinations, the Los Angeles Times reported that the program was expanding. It confirmed at least 19 incidents in which U.S. unmanned Predator drones successfully launched rockets against terrorist suspects abroad since the September 11, 2001, attacks. “In most cases, we need the approval of the host country to do them,” one former State Department counterterrorism official told the newspaper. “However, there are a few countries where the president has decided that we can whack someone without the approval or knowledge of the host government.”

How to foil a terrorist plot in 7 easy steps (Huffington Post)

Dead Guantanamo prisoner had U.S. military training (Reuters via Raw Story)

The Corporate Takeover of U.S. intelligence (Salon)

Sci-Fi writers join the War Of Terrorism (USA Today)


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