News on the Economy
June 23, 2007, 8:26 pm
Filed under: economy, fascism, poverty, US dollar

The Next Wave of Outsourcing (Seattle Times)

Bush’s “health care plan” is really a $333 Billion tax increase and guess who’s payin’? (TaxProf Blog)

65% think corporate profits too high (Yahoo)

Do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? The US government is selling America’s highways, bridges, tollways and airports to private corporations at an astonishing speed. (Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order blog)

So, let me get this straight… taxpayers fund and build this infrastructure, then its’ sold off at a profit? Then corporations raise usage fees, disproportionately affecting low-income families, while making a tidy profit.

Over 1 million foreclosures by 2014 (Seacoast Online, NH & ME)

50% of Americans receive some income from at least one government program (Christian Science Monitor)

Interesting “socially responsible designs (Int’l Herald Tribune)

State Farm accused of Katrina racketeering (MSNBC)

EXCERPT: “State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. engaged in a “pattern of racketeering” by manipulating engineering reports on Hurricane Katrina damage so the company could deny policyholder claims, lawyers for a group of Mississippi homeowners allege in a lawsuit filed Wednesday…Scruggs’ 103-page lawsuit claims State Farm engaged in racketeering by procuring “scientifically dishonest” inspection reports and conducting “sham re-inspections” of homes so that damage could be falsely attributed to Katrina’s flood water… Scruggs accuses State Farm of pressuring its engineers to alter reports on storm-damaged homes so that water, not wind, could be blamed for damage.”

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