No, really, do you think they’ll stop all the death and destruction just because we ask them to? or hold some farce of an election? What do you think it would take to change course? ~ 

Hypocrisy: McCain goes to Senate floor and demands US withdraw its’ troops – 1993 & 1994 – from Haiti and Somalia. (Americablog)

Iraq: worse than you can imagine (WakeUpFromYourSlumber)

Psychopathic opinion piece from ynetnews.com “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has to be killed. Really be killed, I mean, physically. He should be eliminated, put to death, assassinated, and all those words that serve to say the same thing.”

Another psychopathic opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal: The case for bombing Iran: I hope and pray President Bush will do it 

Turkey formally asked the US on May 29th to please stop violating the airspace of their sovereign nation. (MSNBC) Good luck with that…

Targeted killings by the U.S. government (Public Integrity)

EXCERPT: In early 2006, citing American officials familiar with the U.S. program of drone-based assassinations, the Los Angeles Times reported that the program was expanding. It confirmed at least 19 incidents in which U.S. unmanned Predator drones successfully launched rockets against terrorist suspects abroad since the September 11, 2001, attacks. “In most cases, we need the approval of the host country to do them,” one former State Department counterterrorism official told the newspaper. “However, there are a few countries where the president has decided that we can whack someone without the approval or knowledge of the host government.”

[SATIRE] How to foil a terrorist plot in 7 easy steps (Huffington Post)

Dead Guantanamo prisoner had U.S. military training (Reuters via Raw Story)

Sci-Fi writers join the War Of Terrorism (USA Today)

Bush authorizes new covert action against Iran

Mission Accomplished : By the Numbers (Think Progress)

War and the Police State: The Complicity of the American People (GlobalResearch.ca) 

Africa: home of the next U.S. oil wars (Black Agenda Report via Raw Story)

The Last Thing We Need: the new US African Command (Guardian UK)

Pentagon’s Number Two suggests “terror war” will end in October 2008 (Washington Post)

US Army ‘mistakenly’ jams French and Swiss radio, TV and internet in an attempt to shut down an Iraqi TV station (Gulf News.com)

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