<click your heels> “There’s no such thing as global warming!”

From the moment of conception to the end of life, our bodies play host to a myriad of industrial chemicals that cross into our bloodstream through our skin, gut, or lungs. They are consumer product ingredients, or pollutants in air, water and food. They are fire retardants, grease-proof coatings, plasticizers, and solvents. They are our personal body burden of pollution.

Since 2000 the Environmental Working Group has spearheaded a series of groundbreaking investigations on the pollution in people, from newborns and grandparents to mothers and teens. We’ve found pollutants in everyone. And we’ve found hundreds altogether, in combinations that have never been tested for safety. The personal pollution revealed by these studies exposes disturbing gaps in scientific understanding of our exposures and in our system of public health protections. Transcending all boundaries of race, faith, income, and geography, this is the pollution that is in all of us and in our families; it speaks powerfully to our need to understand the risks and protect those most vulnerable among us, including children who are exposed even before the moment of birth.

What they found: 457 of 538 chemicals are found in measurable amounts in the general populace – including 171 pollutants in volunteer’s blood and urine and an average 56 carcinogens. Whether its’ nicotine in your toenails, or chemical fire retardants in breast milk – INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION IS POISONING US IN WAYS WE CANNOT COMPREHEND! (Environmental Working Group)

Taking the ‘fund’ out of SuperFund (Grist Magazine)

Basic primer on Genetically Modified Foods – Frankenfood! (Institute for Responsible Technology)

Are Genetically Modified crops killing all the bees? (Der Spiegel)

Monsanto’s genetically modified corn causes kidney and liver toxicity in animals (NewsTarget)

US backs production of rice spliced with human genes (Washington Post)

Chemtrails: Killing Us Softly (News With Views)

Exposure to everyday plastics and pesticides as a fetus can permanently alter one’s metabolism, making us more prone to obesity and disease. (Science Daily)

8000 gallons of toxic chemicals spill into Ohio River (CNN)

President Bush has allowed underground storage tanks to fall into gross disrepair and is now trying to withhold billions in federal funds needed to fix them, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today. There are over 100,000 known leaks that could contaminate U.S. drinking water (Buzzflash)

Cell phone usage boosts brain tumor risk (NewsTarget)

Chlorine in tap water can double chances of bladder cancer (Daily Mail, UK)

FDA poised to approve cattle antibiotic despite warnings of and protests about the dangers to humans (Houston Chronicle)

US Corps of Engineers installs new flood control pumps in New Orleans that are defective (ABC)

NOAA: Greenhouse gases make 2006 warmest year on record. (Rocky Mountain News)

Hundreds of birds falling from sky, dead. (News, Australia)

Big glacier chunk breaks off (CNN)

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