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June 5, 2007, 6:25 pm
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Florida acts to eliminate touch screen voting (NYTimes)

Plans to test nuclear weapons in California are revoked (AP)

San Joaquin Valley air officials have revoked a permit allowing the federal government to test its nuclear weapons arsenal near Tracy after learning the bombs would have radioactive material. The San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District initially granted a permit to the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to test the bombs on an open field owned by the lab off Interstate 580. But air officials changed course when they learned that the tests would involve depleted uranium. Officials say the lab never told them about the radioactivity and only found out after local residents who brought it to their attention.

$180 solar power for laptop (Treehugger.com)

Harrison County, Mississippi dumps e-voting machines (Mississippi SunHerald).

Cuban government to go open source, ditch Microsoft (Register, UK)



SATIRE: International terrorist and underworld Kingpin Keyser Söze is believed to be working with terrorist groups in Iran and Iraq, U.S. officials announced today. (BrainSnap)

SATIRE: UN Orders Willy Wonka to submit to chocolate factory inspections (my all-time favorite from The Onion)

SATIRE: Bush cuts off diplomatic relations with Congress (The Onion)

SATIRE: US troops draw up own exit strategy (The Onion)

Horntones (UberReview)

Russian fishermen catch alien, eat it, proclaim it the tastiest dish ever (Pravda)

How to sue telemarketers (MSNBC)

We’re the government, and you’re not (youtube)

Top Ten Satire News Stories (Humorfeed.com)


What was that bump?


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